Web Development Faq

What can a website do for me?

  • First a website can reach millions of people that might not otherwise be available. Second, customers can view products, services, or whatever you want to share from the comfort of their own home. No matter what type of business you are in, there are ways to grow and make money on the web for you.

I have heard that my website can be a place to help my employees do their jobs, is this true?

  • While most businesses view the Internet as an opportunity to expand their sales through traditional e-commerce, few people are aware of the opportunities of increasing efficiency and reducing expenses. Placing business processes, especially those done daily, on the internet is possible for all types of businesses.

What is a page layout?

  • Page layout is the geometry of a page. It will help us to define how many regions will appear and how they are visually organized.

Do Flash movies affects my Search Engine rankings?

  • In theory Google can index Flash movies, but we don't think Flash movies/content gets very indexed very well. With things being as competitive as are right now for keyword/key-phrases optimization we don't recommend using them. However, if Flash annimation is important to you and you're up to the challenge, go for it.

How frequently do I need to update my website?

  • It depends on what you're doing with your website, but we definitely recommend you a plan for this. Content is critical for optimization and "fresh" or new content is an important factor for ranking. If you have a small business brochure website you might probably want to update twice a year some pages on your website, you might also have a page to display the latest news on your website and you can add a couple of notes once a month or every two months if you want. For e-commerce or database websites you might update or add content more frequently, those kind of websites are build to have those changes as need it.
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