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Search Engine Optimization Services - FAQ

What is the reason behind my website’s poor search engine ranking?

  • Incorrect usage of the TITLE tag or no TITLE tag content.
  • Too many occurrences of the same word in a page (spamming).
  • Missing H1 and H2 heading tag content.
  • Missing ALT tag content in your graphic links.
  • No meaningful content in the first 250 characters on each page.
  • Less than 200 words per page.
  • Very few pages on your website.
  • No links from other websites to your website (link popularity).

How long will it take to improve my website’s search engine ranking?

  • For existing sites in local or niche markets: 1-2 Months.
  • For new websites in a competitive of national/global market: 6-8 Months

What is my site ranking dependent on?

Site ranking tends to be "cumulative" and is dependent on the following factors:

  • The specific keyword phrases (search terms) that have been targeted
  • The overall competitiveness of your industry - how many players are there.
  • Whether you are targeting a regional, national, or international market
  • How well ranking is monitored and the site tweaked over time for SEO improvement
  • The progress of your reciprocal linking campaign
  • Number of competitor sites achieving new ranking themselves

Why are SEO services so expensive?

  • SEO is a highly-specialized craft requiring much research, forethought, skill and can be extremely time-consuming to implement correctly. However, compared to offline and print advertising, SEO is quite cheap. The cost of having your website SEO optimized is by far the best advertising dollars spent and the return on your investment (ROI) can be very great.

How can search engine marketing help our brand management campaign?

  • The search engines are "brand-blind." That means they don't know (or care) how big your company is or if you're a top expert. The only way the search engines will know about your site (and position your pages well) is through search engine marketing efforts. Don't believe us? Check out how many small businesses gain top Google rankings - while their corporate competitors are nowhere to be seen. Chances are, the small business engaged in a search engine marketing campaign, while the big brand competitor relied strictly on their offline branding for online results. If brand management is crucial for your marketing success, an SEO campaign should be paramount.
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