E-Mail Marketing - FAQ

Is Email marketing more efficient than any other mode of on line marketing?

  • We believe a successful email campaign can do more than other form of marketing, but every form of online marketing has its own unique benefits and uses.
What is the average open rate for email marketing?

  • The average open rate for permission based email marketing is 27.5%.

How soon can I expect results from my email marketing efforts?

  • Email marketing is a very time saving tool in marketing that generates immediate results in just several hours.

What is the difference between email marketing and traditional direct mail marketing?

  • Email marketing is cheaper, faster; it has ability to target defined demographics and effective measuring performance results.

Can I have PDF attaches in my email marketing?

  • You can but we strongly oppose it as emails with attachments are much more likely to get blocked at more ISPs because it is a potential virus threat.
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