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Social Signature

For every business the main goal is to be seen by the public eye. With the many businesses that are being developed there is a large amount of competition going on in every market imaginable, so getting known may be difficult. Social signature is the most efficient and comprehensive mode of making any web site popular any targeted group of prospective clients.

Social signature model is the most efficient way to develop the market for any product or service. This model works on posting comments along with the hyperlink of the dvertised website to the highly relevant forums and blogs. SPS RESOURCES is among the first service provider to launch this approach on a wide and distributed scale.

Here is an example of a Social signature below.

In the present fictional example, we have provided comment on a medical care discussion forum and attached to this message our signature, representing the product or service being advertised. This single signature with the link of the advertised website can attract many users who are interested to find out about the service or product being offered and it will also help with search engine optimization strategy and rankings.

We do social signature advertising in the following social networking sites as per the requirements of our clients.

  • Discussion Forms
  • Blog/Bloggers
  • Guest Books
  • Classifieds
  • Press Releases
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