Social Marketing - FAQ

Will Social signature be helpful for my website to draw new clients?

  • Today most of the people across the globe are showing their interests in social networking sites and we assure you this is one of the best place to advertise your product.

What is settlement time?

  • Settlement time is the minimum time frame for which every posting should remain visible on the social network website.

Do the service packs includes only settled postings?

  • Yes, each service pack includes only settled postings, for example SS500 service pack includes 500 settled posting only.

Will the posting remains visible on the social networking site even after settlement time?

  • We never delete any of our posting and most of the postings remain visible even after the settlement time for a very long duration of time.

Is social signature help my site in improving ranking on search engines?

  • Yes, every posting we do will help your site to improve the raking at different search engines.
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